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Februar 04, 2019

Stuart Styron - Wikipedia Verbrecher Martin Schmittinger aus Kiel | Verleumder täuschte monatelang Bürger, Kripo & Staatsanwaltschaft

Here are some of Wikipedias most criminal german Person. His name is Martin Schmittinger as Benutzer:Schmitty
He is spreading very sick things about me as an artist and human. With his criminal wikipedia connection he started a sick 
campaign to destroy my hole existence. Wikipedia and his dangerous Schmittinger never stopped writing dirty unhuman 
things about me. In cooperation with police and Judgement - nothing happened. Wikipedia had the best connection to
every institution, so I started thinking more realistic. Why they would support criminal harassments  of an not real certified 
Wikipedia worker? Now, I want to present real Facts about Martin Schmittingers sick harassment campaign against me.

Check Out This Document with real Facts -

before you invastigative deeper ..

Full Version click LINK#


Merchandise / Woman 

Here we go:

He collected some sick questions on website where people asking for Informations:

Text: der eigentlich berühmt werden wollte aber jetzt als Verbreiter von s## Gewaltphanta...

Text: 14 jährige entj.Mädchen...Keine Ausbildung...Gekaufte Facebook...Probleme mit Anwä..

Text: An Treffen teilgenommen....Account gesperrt....Schmittinger is a sick liar - He also came with his criminal groups to Lokalkompass and attached my Cd release article and started talking very dirty things about me to every single User of Lokalkompass.

Andere Personen sind auch betroffen...Yes his criminal sick friends..tried to connect me with a letter..These are sick people how could I cooperate with them? Why they not contacting the police? And talking about my sister...He made also a website with her name where you can read it like a diary. There are stories all about me as a person and worsest human beeing as an artist. Written in a children style to fake the real destructive messages against my person.

Last but not least he say that I couldn`t reach the level to a conspiracy-theorist!

Text: Am 14.06. wurde "AmazonFireFone" registriert und am 01.07.2016 letztmalig benutzt. Wurde wegen Verstöße dauerhaft gesperrt.

Die I.P Adresse und die E-Mail Adresse sind nicht mehr vorhanden, aber alle Fragen existieren noch, vor allem der Account. Wie kommt das, dass der Support plötzlich mit Informationen spart?

There are lots of different questions from this User. Why should I starting asking things about different problems, when a german sick wikipedian starting a shitstorm  from a Lexika Website? How they find these questions? I`m thinking they cooperate with him, a member of the criminal wikipedia group know how tools they need to destroy personalities. 

These Links are still on Wikipedia shared with lots of other wikipedia sites like "Wikiwand" or "wikizero" 

Since 3 Years people checking me as an sexual stupid man. But thats not all, he wrote about everything to kill  the artist in me. Global Ban dead artist never started career. when he started he finished in same time..because of him, Martin Schmittinger, a german sick human, decided who can doing career or not.

This I never forgive. He must pay, he will pay...I promise.
But we just started with the real facts, after all we will react. 

Weitere Dokumente:


Text: Strafanzeige / Üble Nachrede von Martin Schmittinger


ABMAHNUNG Schmittinger I


(JBB Anwalt - Marcel Breite)

- His first statement was that this is not a harassment campaign. -
...and this conspiracy of stupid answer from this corrupted Lawyler goes on and on..
....nothing happened here...!

** Solltet ihr zwielichtigen Wikifiguren noch einmal mich 
in eure geisteskranken Verschwörungstheorien verwickeln oder
mich als Holocaustleugner bezichtigen, dann werde ich 
eine Einrichtung davon in Kenntnis setzen, dass man euren
Geisteszustand rutinemäßig mal untersucht,** be contunied