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Februar 04, 2019

Stuart Styron - Wikipedia Warnung vor Wolfgang Kirchmeier | Fakten 02/2019

Some Informations about a dangerous Person from the Wikipedia.

This User "Benutzer;Agathenon" is spreading sick Informations in the name of Wikimedia.

Thinking he is clever, but he isn`t. He can`t stop his criminal campaign against me.

So, this is an information for you that the police is watching him.

He is talking every day about the judgement or police without real facts.

Here is an example! It`s important to release this for the readers!

Screenshot. Strafanzeige gegen W. Kirchmeier
wegen Verleumdung 

In cooperation with polish people starting talking sick lies around the clock.

YOU are the conspiracy and no one else! You can`t win. Good luck for Future. Dead End. be continued